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Shoppers Value Foods Cost* Plus 10%

It’s a volume thing and here is how it works…

Shoppers Value Foods brings great low prices everyday on your favorite national brands and quality private brands in all our departments. We do our best to determine the cost* of each item by the expense it takes to get the product from our warehouse to the shelf. Then when you get ready to check out, we add 10% for overhead and profit. That’s it…Cost* Plus 10%! And it can add up to real savings on your grocery bill. Compare our receipt with the last store you shopped and you’ll see the difference. Shoppers Value Foods, check it out!

We make it simple

No card or Membership Required!

We take our cost* for all items throughout the store and add 10% at the checkout.
That's it...Simple , Fair and Honest!

Our Cost* Plus 10%

Cost plus 10 percent

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. All Prices in-store are at cost*

  2. 10% will be added to your total order at checkout

  3. The 10% will be shown separately on your receipt

Shoppers Value Foods MATH


Your Total


Plus 10% added at Register:


Your Final