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Make Our Private Brands Your Private Brands

Shoppers Value Foods private brand products match the leading national brands in quality and image, but at a meaningful savings compared to the national brands!

Wild Harvest®

Free from over 140 undesirable ingredients.

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Culinary Circle®

Savor life in the circle.

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Essential Everyday®

Essential Everyday® brings you simple and affordable solutions for spectacular meals.

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Super Chill®

Super Chill® offers an assortment of quality, refreshing beverages at affordable prices.


Stone Ridge Creamery®

Stone Ridge Creamery® offers delicious ice cream, sherbet, and novelty items made from carefully selected, quality ingredients and priced at a great value.


Shoppers Value®

Quality, everyday items and family staples at a great value.


Baby Basics®

Baby Basics® brand features products for babies and toddlers ranging from diapers and training pants to formula and pediatric drinks to shampoos, lotions and wipes.


Arctic Shores®

Arctic Shores Seafood Company® brand frozen seafood simplifies the seafood choice with unsurpassed variety, quality and value.


The Equaline® brand of over-the-counter products provide a savvy, money-saving solution to your family's health and beauty needs.